West York Campus

8 Carlisle Court, York, PA US 17408

Service times: Sunday at 8am, 9:30am, and 11am 

East York Campus

4075 E Market Street, York, PA US 17402

Service times: Sunday at 9:30am and 11am


"For God so loved the world..."  And so begins, perhaps, the most famous Bible verse ever.  John 3:16. We see it everywhere - behind home plate at baseball games on TV, on placards paraded around the intersections of metropolitan areas, on billboards, on coupons in publications,...it is everywhere.

And we believe it to be a fundamental Truth...God does love the world, and He has called us to be His ambassadors, to carry the love of God and the hope of Jesus to the world, to make disciples of the nations. And so, we are for the world.  We partner with individuals and organizations around the globe who bring the hope of Christ to the communities where they serve, with an emphasis on evangelism, discipleship and local church involvement. In these efforts, we are focused on those nations and cultures that have limited access to the Gospel, and we encourage creative platforms to achieve these goals. We challenge all who consider COD their home to join us in our ministry for the world through:

  • prayer, financial support, care and other resources with our Outreach Partners
  • Seasonal ministry trips to serve with our Outreach Partners
  • our annual Mission Festival
  • periodic special events with our Outreach Partners
  • promoting awareness and prayer for the challenges and struggles facing the global church

We also seek to provide mentoring and training for those in our church who are considering long-term ministry to the world as one of our Outreach Partners. We even have college scholarships available for those in our church who are pursuing international ministry. 

And we stand ready to meet the immediate needs that may arise due to global crises - both financially and through ministry teams - recognizing the opportunities these crises present for wholistic Gospel ministry to those affected by such events. 

For more information or answers to your questions, please contact .